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We’re the original home of the Bobath Approach – therapy dedicated to helping people with cerebral palsy and similar neurological conditions.

Our highly trained team of specialist physio, occupational and speech and language therapists have a focused and deep understanding of cerebral palsy (CP), in all its complex and various forms. We offer a tailored therapy program to each person we see.

We’re proud to be the UK’s premier teaching centre of Bobath Therapy contributing to the training of  health professionals across the UK. We have relocated from London to our centre in Watford, which features high-specification therapy and training facilities.

We work with those with cerebral palsy and train those who support them. We also research and campaign for our community and champion equal access to support and opportunities.

When you first find out

When you first find out that your child, or a loved one you care for, has cerebral palsy or another neurological condition, it can be helpful to talk to someone who understands. This is where we can help.

Bobath Therapy

What is cerebral palsy?

If you’re just starting your journey into cerebral palsy, then you may have a lot of questions.

Cerebral palsy

What kind of therapy can help?

A positive way of supporting your child, or managing your own needs, is to have a programme of activities that will help with daily life.

Our therapy options

What is the Bobath Approach?

Our therapists have gone through extensive training in the Bobath Concept, which is a framework for looking at things that we do in our lives (walk, communicate, eat, play, cook etc). We analyse what things can be challenging, what helps you do things efficiently, make suggestions so activities can happen more easily.

The Bobath Approach

Why choose The Bobath Centre for your therapy?

We put you and your needs at the start of your treatment , building a relationship along the way which means you can achieve the goals you are aiming for.

Our therapists are dedicated to treating people with cerebral palsy or other neurological conditions all day, every day.

We’re here to support you every step of the way throughout your life – from babyhood, to teenage years and into adulthood and senior years.

Our Bobath physios, occupational and speech and language therapists work collaboratively as a team, and our therapy complements standard NHS care, using our expertise and understanding of the complex nature of cerebral palsy .

We take time to listen to you and understand your, or your child’s, needs and then work with you so you can carry out the suggested activities.

We support the development of your skills to manage your disability with confidence.

We provide tailored Bobath Therapy, which is a focused approach making a difference to how you do things.

We train NHS therapists at our Centre, in basic Bobath skills so that they can support you, or your child, at home and in the community..

How we can help get therapy started

Let’s get to know each other and have a conversation about your needs and hopes for the future. The easiest way to have this conversation is by booking a free, one-to-one, 45-minute welcome session, hosted by one of our senior Bobath therapists. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about how Bobath Therapy can support your specific needs through individually-centred physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech & language therapy.

Welcome sessions offer advice and information to everyone including:

Why not get in contact to book a welcome session or arrange a visit now?

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Changing Lives

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what others have to say about their experience at our centre:

    "Bobath focused on providing us with practical advice and exercises that we could easily continue at home."


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