Changing Lives

The work our therapists do with you can be really life changing. Why not read highlights from the stories from those families we have treated, or just get the feel of things from some of the comments people have given us over the last few months about their experience?

What our community says

“We wish our own GP knew about the Centre so that other children could benefit.”

“We could not have asked for a better intervention.”

“We are hugely grateful.”

“The passion, inspiration and charisma have been remarkable.”

“The therapy and recommendations felt very personalised to our son.”

“If it wasn’t for Bobath I don’t think we would have got through.”

“Thanks again for all your amazing work and teaching, clearly we see the effects immediately.”

“What a gift for us and our CP population.”

“The therapist helped no end. It is obvious how incredibly experienced and knowledgeable the team are.”

“We had high expectations due to the Bobath’s reputation and the visit definitely met those expectations.”

“Can’t wait to come back!”

“The therapist took the time to get to know my son’s individual challenges.”

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