Our History

Check out the timeline of the history of our charity and how we have impacted those we seek to support.

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The Bobath Timeline

1948 The Bobath technique was first described

1951 The first centre was opened in Park Crescent in London where courses were provided for doctors and qualified therapists who want to learn about the Bobath Concept as well as treatment for children

1954 The centre relocated to Upper Wimpole Street, London

1957 The centre was renamed “The Western Cerebral Palsy Centre”, based in St John’s Wood in London and was formalised into a private company

1958 The company was registered as a charity, with the support of the Spastics Society

1965 Berta published Abnormal Postural Reflex Activity Caused by Brain Lesions

1975 The clinic and charity became "The Bobath Centre" and moved to Netherhall Gardens in Hampstead

1976 Berta was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

1978 Berta was given an MBE

1981 Boston University gave Berta a doctorate

1981 Berta and Karel were the first couple to be given the Harding award for their work in helping people with disabilities

1986 The Bobaths retired

1987 The British Association of Bobath Trained Therapists (BABTT) was formed

1993 The Duchess of Gloucester becomes our patron and visited the new Bobath Centre in East Finchley

2011 The Duchess of Gloucester visited again to see how the charity has progressed

2019 The Bobath Centre relocated to Watford

2022 65th Anniversary year, and The Duchess of Gloucester visited in February to view the new premises and celebrate their legacy

2023 The Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy transforms into The National Bobath Cerebral Palsy Centre

    "A super special place called the Bobath Centre"


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