There are many therapies and treatments available for children and this can be confusing to parents/carers. We advise that you look around for the best option for your child, but below are a few reasons for using Bobath therapy:

  1. Our therapists only treat children with cerebral palsy or allied neurological conditions all day, every day
  2. Our physios, occupational and speech & language therapists work as a team to provide a joined-up approach
  3. We take time to understand your child's needs, time to listen to you and time to work with your child
  4. We involve you in therapy so that you understand how cerebral palsy affects your child as they develop
  5. We give you the skills to manage your child's disability with confidence
  6. Intensive Bobath therapy over a short period can result in greater cumulative gain in skills for your child
  7. We treat children with complex and multiple conditions
  8. We treat children who are a few weeks old through to teenagers approaching adulthood
  9. We train NHS therapists in basic Bobath skills so that they can support you and your child at home
  10. Surveys show very high satisfaction rates by parents/carers

We are always happy to discuss your child's needs and how Bobath therapy can help.