Written by Charles van Berckel - Kit's Dad and Bobath Trustee


Our son Kit was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in his first year. This is devastating news for parents and suddenly puts you into a world where you have no understanding, and don’t know where to start in terms of building for the future. On the suggestion of friends who’d been to Bobath, we enrolled for our first session. It is difficult to communicate how important that first session was. We went along with the understanding that we would learn about the physiotherapy needs of Kit, that would help improve him physically as he grew. However the Centre provides so much more. The welcoming family environment provides an ‘arms around’ feeling of well being and support for the whole family.

Of course we learnt what Kit’s need in terms of phsio support would be, but more importantly, through the support an communication of the wonderful staff, we learnt what living with CP would be like and not to be afraid of it. Rather, embrace what we had and focus on ways to make our life as a family as rich and fulfilled as possible. 

Kit has quad cp, needs total postural support and is non verbal. He can’t feed himself and requires total waking care. None of this is a negative though. He’s a thriving 12 year old, attending main stream school  with a large circle of good friends. He’s adventurous and a bit of a thrill seeker. Much of where our life is now is due to the support we were given in the early days by the amazingly supportive staff at the Bobath Centre. Please make that same difference to another family, coming to terms with understanding what CP means for their child and as a family.