Speech and Language Therapy

Our therapy will be tailored to your needs, delivered in different formats, from regular sessions to more intensive blocks of therapy. All therapy is guided by our team of expert therapists, creating a programme based on activities appropriate to you or your child, which makes it easier to integrate in daily life.

A girl in a walking aid
Smiling therapist with boy in a wheelchair

People need to communicate in such a way that they can express their needs and thoughts and be understood by others, leading to greater independence and physical and emotional well-being.

Therefore, speech and language therapy (sometimes referred to as SLT or SALT) is there to address your ability to express yourself through speech but also to support your communication with the use of aids. We use technology such as small voice output devices and switches from a very early stage.

In addition, Bobath SLTs can help with eating and drinking, as well as controlling saliva.






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