Children (2.5-15 years old)

 It’s  important to get the right support in place for your child with cerebral palsy, as quickly as possible, which is why we have a therapy programme especially for children.

Our therapy team will share ideas and activities, giving you hands-on involvement every step of the way. This means you can keep practical therapy going when you are at home, where it really matters. We also show how play and fun are fundamental aspects of therapy; toys, lights, games and sounds all help to engage your child, capturing their interest and helping them enjoy their therapy sessions.

How does Bobath support children and their families?

Our EI Graduate Scheme, is for when the child is over 2.5 years old and had therapy when they were a baby. We have found that it’s useful for them to come back in for two sessions to see how their personalised plan is working out and adapt it if needed.

We offer therapy for children, where we support you and your child with a personalised treatment plan, appropriate for their age and development. It’s tailored to your child’s specific needs. This means you can have confidence in our team, who work with you to identify your child’s specific needs, and help maximise their potential. 

What treatment is offered to support children?

  • Welcome session: a free, 45-minute session with a senior Bobath therapist, to understand you and your child’s needs and discuss what we can do you support you specifically
  • Therapy: therapy can either be under the EI Graduate Scheme or therapy can be offered regularly over several weeks to gradually see improvements, or more intensively over a shorter timeframe where improvements are more quickly noticeable
  • Consultation: this is an assessment session that lasts 90 minutes, with two Bobath therapists. especially for when there’s no formal diagnosis or a particular physical challenge or any areas of concern. Afterwards a report and home programme is created to address the issues discussed 
  • SDR therapy: this is a therapy specifically to support those children who have had the SDR operation and has proven to be very helpful post-operatively

How much does it cost?

The final cost of the therapy plan will depend on what is needed specifically for your child. We appreciate that it’s natural to be concerned about the ongoing cost of therapy and there are funding options  available, including the Helping Hands Scheme, as well as more information about financial help in our information centre.

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