Theo’s story – written by Theo’s mother

“Theo is nearly two and loves nothing more than playing with his toys, so a typical day would see him shuffling on his bottom pushing a car or tractor with his right hand. I say his right hand because Theo has hemiplegia which affects the left side of his body making his left hand tight-fisted.”

He has been on the Early Intervention scheme for a week and has more recently completed the Helping Hand scheme. Both consisted of intense therapy and focused on providing us with practical advice and exercises that we could easily continue at home.

Bobath therapy has had a huge impact on Theo’s life. We have an excellent relationship with Theo’s therapists who are both compassionate, understanding and open to new ideas. Since completing both courses, we have been back in touch for help and advice which is great to know you can do.

Theo has responded well and has a greater awareness of his left hand which he now calls his ‘clever hand’. He can now kneel, sit sideways and stand, and we also try to put him on his front, with weight bearing on his left arm which he tolerates more than he used to.

Bobath has also educated us as parents and it was interesting and helpful to learn how our behaviour has an impact on Theo. Some things may seem simple but can have a huge impact on his life.

Having a child with cerebral palsy can be very overwhelming, but as soon as we arrived at the Bobath Centre we were relieved to find specialists willing to help us.

“The level of support the Bobath Centre has offered us has been incredible and the work they have done for our family, and other families in similar situations, is just remarkable.”