There are many ways you can get involved to support Bobath Children and raise awareness about cerebral palsy and the Bobath Centre. We work with schools, faith organisations, sports clubs and community groups helping them to support us. If your location is within easy reach of the Centre, we may also be able to visit and tell your audience more about the charity, cerebral palsy and the children we help.

We can provide collection boxes/buckets, poster templates, balloons, pop up banners, charity branded t-shirts and short DVDs about our work.  

Charity collections (Private and Public)

Collection boxes are an easy, low-key way to raise regular funds for the Bobath Centre.  You can put one at work or ask a local shop or pub to put one on the counter, with permission of the owner/manager first. We will need to know the name of an employee who is responsible for the box and where the box will be located.  We can also supply small locks and chains to secure the box.

If you are planning to collect on the street or in a public place, please be aware that there are rules. These differ slightly from borough to borough. You will need a collection permit from your local or police authority. Young people under 16 years are not permitted to collect money in public. We will need to know when and where you are collecting so please email us a copy of your permit in advance.

Getting started

We're here to help. Email us so we can help you get the ball rolling.