Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological condition which affects movement.  The symptoms occur due to reduced nerve cells that contain dopamine, in an area of the brain that controls movement called the substantia nigra. Dopamine is a chemical which regulates movement, so when less is produced, nerve messages travel more slowly and abnormally.  Therefore, movement, particularly walking, gets slower and is more difficult to initiate and control.  Usually people experience tremors and fatigue, and often muscle stiffness, but the profile of symptoms and how they affect day to day activities is different for each person

We have extensive experience working with people who have Parkinson’s Disease.  A combination of highly skilled hands-on neurophysiotherapy and practical well-informed advice (there are lots of gadgets and resources available) can go some way to help manage symptoms and improve control. We take an analytical problem solving approach that is individualised to each client.

As well as hands-on treatment we offer physical management advice, particularly on positioning to manage posture, discomfort and optimise movement.  We also offer home lifestyle and exercise advice, as well as other adjuncts to physiotherapy such as orthotics advice, and making onward referrals where indicated.

We are good at arranging appointments around medication schedules to ensure people get the most out of treatment.  Treatment can be delivered in a range of different formats and is decided on an individual basis, this can range from six-monthly reviews to intensive bursts of treatment.

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