A stroke is an interruption of blood supply to the brain, either caused by a blockage (infarct) in a blood vessel or a bleed (haemorrhage).  The effects of a stroke are wide ranging depending on the type, location and severity of the stroke.  Therefore, people with stroke present with a wide variety of signs and symptoms; they can be very mild or very severe.  No one stroke is the same as another.

Often there is weakness which is more pronounced on one side of the body.  There can also be changes in sensation, for example a limb might feel numb.  Muscles can be stiff, known as high tone, or they can become floppier, known as low tone. There can also be problems with other areas controlled by the brain, such as perception, speech, fatigue and memory.

At the Bobath Centre we have extensive experience working with people who have had strokes.  Bobath therapists use skilled therapeutic handling to help you to move as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We work in partnership with you to problem solve and write individualised functional goal plans, priding ourselves in being analytical and reflective throughout.  We also work with you to set carefully considered home physical management programmes.   In addition, we offer other adjuncts to physiotherapy such as use of a partial body-weight treadmill; and referral onto other services where indicated.

People can continue to show signs of recovery many years after their stroke, our goal is that each individual is enabled to reach their full rehabilitation potential at any stage of their recovery journey.

Treatment can be delivered in a range of different formats and is decided on an individual basis, this can range from six-monthly reviews to intensive bursts of treatment for a couple of weeks or more.

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