Dr Elsbeth Köng - 21st April 1921 to 8th April 2019

Dr Elsbeth Köng, an early advocate of the Bobath Concept and a pioneer of early intervention died on April 8th at the age of 98 years. 

She will be sadly missed by therapists, physicians and families across the world who admired the ground-breaking work she did in early detection of children at risk of developing cerebral palsy, and with her colleague Mary Quinton on advocating early therapeutic intervention.

Elsbeth and Mary, were encouraged by Dr and Mrs Bobath to teach the Bobath/NDT Course (the second team to do so) in Switzerland. They subsequently went on to teach Bobath Courses and Bobath Baby Courses which they developed in many countries across the world.  As more Bobath/NDT teaching teams emerged they focused increasingly on their work with infants and became renowned internationally for this work.

Elsbeth’s ideas influenced paediatricians, neuro-paediatricians and therapists world-wide, and has made a considerable difference to innumerable babies and their families’ lives.

In 1975 Berta and Karel Bobath dedicated their book “Motor Development in Different Types of Cerebral Palsy” to her:

To our friend Dr Elsbeth Köng, in acknowledgement of her great pioneering work in the field of early treatment of children with cerebral palsy”

On behalf of everyone at the Centre, we send our deepest condolences to the extended family.

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