Virginia Knox, Consultant Physiotherapist and Bobath Tutor, presented a poster about some of her research following a recent Masters’ degree at the European Academy of Childhood Disability Conference in Amsterdam. This research investigated the type of daily activities, mobility, social and cognitive skills which children develop who have cerebral palsy with more limited independent mobility (GMFCS IV-V). There was lots of interest, and many people came and discussed the findings with Virginia and took away copies of the poster. Virginia was able to make some good links with other researchers which will be very useful in the future.

The conference had a theme of ‘Steps into the Future’. There were several interesting presentations on the changes that occur in the muscles of children and adults with cerebral palsy, new measures for hand function in babies, different interventions, such as ‘Mega Power’ weeks aimed at strengthening children who are already walking, a variety of different exercise programmes for improving arm and hand function, the challenges of increasing wellbeing through regular exercise, good nutrition and sleep, issues around mental health and much more. 

EACD Poster by Virginia Knox