It's been a busy month for training!

Professor Virginia Wright flew over from the Holland Bloorview Research Institute in Toronto, Canada to run two courses: the Quality FM and the Challenge. She is the author and developer of these two tests of higher level motor skills for children with mild cerebral palsy. Virginia is a fantastic positive and dynamic communicator and trainer with excellent skills in helping children achieve the best they can.

Twenty therapists attended the 2 day Quality FM course which videos a child performing different standing and walking activities which are then analysed from the video. For example, how the child gets up off the floor into standing. Different aspects are analysed including stability of the child in different positions, such as; does the child shift their weight in the right direction for the task; are the posture of their legs/arms appropriate; what is their coordination like and how well does the child move their limbs in different directions when needed for the task (dissociated movement). This can give vital information to therapists and families on what they need to work on to improve efficiency of a task and work towards more difficult activities.

Twenty-five therapists attended the Challenge training course and eight therapists stayed for an extra day to receive additional training and practice in administering the test during the Challenge workshop. The Challenge focuses on the higher level skills needed for PE and sporting activities such as running, jumping, balance activities and bouncing, catching and throwing balls. The tasks build up from first being able to achieve the task accurately and then to be able to do it more quickly.

The children who attended all enjoyed the experience and the families learnt more about which activities to focus on to improve their skills. Several parents commented that they had never seen their children achieve so much. These courses will help therapists set goals and plan treatment with children and families, but also help several therapists who attended that will want to use the measures within research projects.

The Bobath Centre is so grateful that Professor Virginia Wright was able to visit the Centre again to run these important training courses.

Virginia Wright