Sama in the garden

My name is Sama and I’m 12 years old. I was born with a physical disability, which caused people to treat me differently and underestimate my ability. Unfortunately, some people, including disabled citizens, see disability as a disadvantage, but why shouldn’t they feel as if they can stand in front of the world and state how proud they are to be different? There is so much opportunity to focus on ability.

You see, at first, I hated writing as I struggled pronouncing a specific letter. But, it wasn’t until one of my speech therapists encouraged me to write a poem, writing that specific letter repeatedly, that I realised this was also the perfect way to realise my emotions. Yet still, I sometimes get depressed. Don’t think for a minute that I thought being disabled was a positive, because I didn’t, but somehow, after my mother showed me interviews of motivational speaker and youtuber Zainab Al-Eqabi, who lost her leg aged 7, I began to feel proud of my disability.

For me, writing poetry is a way that I can express my feelings in words, that I can’t say aloud.

I feel extremely grateful that The Bobath Centre has offered me the opportunity for my poem to be published. I thought to myself, ‘now is the time where I can hopefully encourage more disabled people to also feel confident about themselves and to change people’s perspectives of disability.’

I am disabled and I am proud and I don’t care what others think of me. People living with disability need a voice and I’m determined to be one of those voices.

I hope you enjoy my poem. Happy reading!

A Poem by Sama