Family and Therapist in treatment

Thank you for your support over the last year - we couldn't do what we do without the help of our supporters, and together, we can give children and families living with cerebral palsy the best life possible.

We would like to share some of our successes and highpoints with you but also update you about our plans to move later this year. 

Like many small charities, we have had financial challenges for some time. The trustees reluctantly decided that selling the current premises and relocating was the best option to secure future treatment for children.

The building and land have now been sold and we are looking at potential new homes. Throughout this difficult period, the staff have maintained their high standards of care and support, and remain committed to the children and families we serve.

Here are some of our 2017 highlights...

As a specialist centre, we provided a range of services to meet the needs of children and families:

  • 60% of the children we treated had complex or multiple conditions.
  • 46% had dyskinetic forms of cerebral palsy (the national average is 6.5%). In all, we treated 40 children in intensive blocks of therapy delivering 2,357 intensive treatment sessions.
  • We trialled a free early intervention scheme for children up to 18 months-olds treating 15 children and delivering 173 treatment sessions.
  • 27 children came on our Helping Hand scheme amounting to 443 treatment sessions.
  • 100 children were treated during clinical training.
  • 23 families attended our open mornings.
  • We held our first parents’ and carers’ group giving families a chance to discuss concerns and issues common to them.
  • Our education programme delivered 14 training courses.
  • 273 health professionals attended.
  • 31 qualified as Bobath therapists.
  • We estimate that students interacted 9,828 times with children in their communities.
  • Our therapy team made presentations at several European conferences and we are working on joint initiatives with Brunel University and with colleagues in the US.

Families living with cerebral palsy have faced enormous challenges over the last few years and many children are struggling to get the support they need. We intend to meet that growing need and see the relocation as a new chapter in the Bobath story.

We will use the surplus income from the sale of the premises to ensure that children living with cerebral palsy in the UK have access to Bobath therapy, either through our in-house or outreach services, or through our training programme. We will also try and make therapy both financially and geographically accessible to as many as possible.

We will back in touch soon with a further update on our move.

Thank you once again for your support!