A letter from Mayella - Winter Appeal 2017

 A super special place called the Bobath Centre”

Hello! I am Mayella and I'm 8 years old.  

I'm told I am very special. I love playing, school and days out.  My difference is that I have Cerebral Palsy, lung problems and growth problems. This all makes the things other children do a bit tricky for me.

My mummy and daddy have told me that I have these problems because I was born very, very, very early and was so poorly the doctors thought I would not make it a few times. It has been difficult and I've given my parents lots to worry about!

I was in hospital a long time when I was born and I've had the odd trip to one since. I have to see lots of different doctors, nurses, physios and therapists at lots of different hospitals. Some I like and some I don't! I've had different operations and lots of tests to see what's wrong with me.­­­

I try to be like everyone else, but it can be quite hard. I get upset and angry when I can't do something and have to miss out or have to do things differently. I know that I have difficulties but it frustrates me that my difficulties stop me being where I want to be.

I go to a super special place called the Bobath Centre. They've done a lot for me. They have helped my left arm go from being my bad arm to my cheeky hand! I can help mummy and daddy with getting me dressed now, and can roll over and sit much better.

When I saw my physio in January, she asked me what I wanted to be able to do. I said I wanted to wash myself, and do a bit of standing. I told mummy I really wanted to walk but I know I can't because lots of doctors and people have said I can't ever walk, I told mummy and daddy it was ok because I have my powered wheelchair.

When I went to the Bobath Centre they got me up on my feet with their walking frames and treadmill. I was so happy and they didn't even know what I had said to mummy and daddy. They said I do have the potential to walk! The Bobath Centre have since then worked lots and lots on my walking. They surprised me with my very own special blue walking frame. I love my walker and I love walking.

My legs make me happy now.


(Mayella's own words)

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