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We want to give you as much information and access to support as possible. As this is a lifelong condition it’s key that you, the carers and your children have opportunities to get information about the diagnosis and management of cerebral palsy.

Our Bobath Information Centre (BIC) has collated all our research, FAQs, information portals into one place for you to access and bookmark for reference. 

Find out more about cerebral palsy, why Bobath Therapy is a good option for supporting those living with this condition, alongside all the therapy options we provide. 

We can also  signpost you to further information, including legal advice and  how to fund your treatment, to help you understand and get support for some of the complex matters relating to cerebral palsy.

We are always here to listen if you have any other questions – just get in touch.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy describes a life-long disability caused by damage to parts of the brain linked to the development of movement and posture.

Find out more about cerebral palsy

What is 'The Bobath Approach'?

Our therapists have gone through extensive training in the Bobath Concept, which is a framework for looking at things that we do in our lives (walk, communicate, eat, play, cook etc). We analyse what things can be challenging, what helps you do things efficiently, make suggestions so activities can happen more easily.

What is the Bobath Approach?

Find out more about neurological conditions in adults

While we specialise in supporting people of all ages with cerebral palsy, we do offer therapy to support adults with other various neurological conditions.

Other neurological conditions

How to pay for treatment

Paying for treatment can be an additional worry when living with cerebral palsy. There are various ways that treatment can be funded and we will support you in any way that we can,

How to fund treatment

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We have a wealth of information about Bobath and supporting those living with cerebral palsy, including our glossary, FAQs and our resource library.