Healthcare in the UK is among the best in the world, but unfortunately there are occasions when a hospital or medical professional falls short of the standards expected.  This can result in a child having a permanent disability e.g. Cerebral Palsy, that requires life-long support.

If you think this may have happened, you can ask a solicitor to make a clinical negligence claim on your child's behalf. Every claim is carefully assessed by the court and will be based on your child’s current and future needs. This could be:

  • Home adaptations
  • Transport
  • Mobility aids
  • Communication devices
  • Respite care

Bobath therapy can also be included in the final assessment.

Making a claim is a complex process which is why we strongly advise that you speak to a specialist clinical negligence solicitor. One who has the knowledge and expertise to get the best outcome for your family.

The law firms on this page are recognised for their knowledge of Cerebral Palsy and are widespread throughout the UK.  

More about making a clinical negligence claim (pdf)

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