We provide different treatment packages to meet your child's needs. This can be regular and gradual if you live nearby to in-depth and intensive therapy for those who can only visit occasionally. We also offer consultations with a senior Bobath therapist.

Two-week intensive block of therapy

A block consists of a detailed assessment of your child's condition by a lead clinician followed by intensive therapy over a two week period (from 8 to 14 daily double sessions). Intensive therapy over a short period can result in a cumulative gain in skills for your child.

Based on the assessment, a team of specialist Bobath therapists will work with your child over a ten-day period. This will be a combination of physio, occupational and speech & language therapists depending on your child's needs.

You are present at all times which will allow you to learn strategies and techniques to manage your child's condition at home.

At the end of your visit you will be given a home programme of exercises for your child and a detailed report will be sent to you and any nominated health professionals shortly after.

Suitable for children who:

  • are visiting for the first-time
  • are in need of intensive therapy
  • cannot attend regularly
  • require an annual assessment
  • travel long distances

See also Funding OptionsPrices & Payment and our Cancellation of Appointments Policy

Regular therapy

Regular therapy can be more flexible for families living locally.

Suitable for children who:

  • live close to the Centre
  • can visit more frequently 

See also Subsidised Treatment for details of our Helping Hand Scheme and Early Intervention SchemePrices & Payment and our Cancellation of Appointments Policy


We can offer a 90-minute consultation with a senior therapist or two 90-minute consultations with two senior therapists e.g. a physiotherapist and a speech & language therapist. During the consultation your Bobath therapist will suggest appropriate activities and will practise these with parents and local therapists.

Suitable for children who:

  • may not have a formal diagnosis
  • have one or two specific issues to be addressed
  • are not ready to commit to therapy

See Prices & Payment and our Cancellation of Appointments Policy


Monday to Friday 9.00-5.00pm.

Therapy mix

The number of specialist therapists working with you and your child is determined by your child's specific needs. 

Meeting the National Insitute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidelines


Bobath therapy has changed our whole lives and enables us to function as a family