As a professional working with children with cerebral palsy, here are 10 good reasons to choose Bobath training:

1. Bobath courses are world renowned for excellence in the field of cerebral palsy.

2. Courses are restricted to manageable numbers to ensure that participants have sufficient time with Tutors for discussion, feedback and consolidation of new skills.

3. Many courses, such as the Basic offer a practical focus and will hone in on and develop participants clinical handling skills with children with cerebral palsy.

4. Courses are interactive and may include a mix of clinical sessions, workshops, tutor led treatment demonstrations, video analysis and time for discussion.

5. Courses and bespoke workshops can also be arranged at external venues, please contact us for more information.

6. The Centre's expert team keep up to date with current research and evidence based practice, Bobath Tutors also have formal teaching qualifications.

7. Bobath Tutors are leaders in the field of cerebral palsy with in-depth knowledge on how clients are affected from infancy and early childhood through to adolescence and transition into adult life.

8. Courses provide an opportunity to develop an understanding of the concepts that underpin the Bobath approach to assessment and treatment of children with cerebral palsy and aim to develop participants practice to benefit their work with children and families in the community.

9. Tutors evaluate feedback from each course, ensuring the Centre continues to provide the best standard in course delivery.

10. The Centre provides a modern training facility to support participants during all aspects of the course, on-site car parking is available.